Laura Broomfield "Every game I play here with Alges is amazing because this may be my last season playing basketball.

Laura Broomfield "Every game I play here with Alges is amazing because this may be my last season playing basketball. "

Laura Broomfield, actua no Álges, dá-nos a conhecer um pouco do seu trajecto no basquetebol ao mesmo tempo que comenta que esta pode ser a sua última época.

 What advice would you give to a young player to be able to succeed to play out of theircountry: Be open-minded and eager to adjust to a new environment and style of play. Also, work hard to develop your skills and find the right team that will help you continue to development as a player.
How many years of basketball practice: I started playing when I was ten 
What is the first team where you played: My first team was a coed youth team.
What memories from the first team: It was just fun playing with my teammate and meeting our goal to win the championship.
What is your golden season: My golden season has been playing for Coach Jose Araujo here in Alges. He teaches the fundamentals of basketball and we have a disciplined style of play. I did not have a good coach at North Carolina! It’s been a blessing learning so much from Jose.
The most emotional moment in your career: My most emotional moment was when I injured my femur and meniscus in a high school game. I had to have two knee surgeries and I couldn’t play until a year later.
And the saddest: My knee injury was sad at the moment but that adversity helped me grow as a person.
What is your favorite Cub: I enjoy watching Lebron James and Tim Duncan play.
The best Trainer: Coach Jose
What quality players had as opponents in Portugal? A mixture of saavy guards and athletic skilled post players.
What was your best game in Portugal? Winning the Portugal Cup with my teammates
You guard in your memory any game situation that occurred in Portugal?
You have some friends in Portugal? My teammate from college Christina plays for Lousada. and my teammate from AAU. Taylor plays for Torres.
A ridiculous situation that has passed in the field and you do not forget. It was a great opportunity to go to a WNBA training camp and live in New York for 3 weeks.
The game you never forget: Every game I play here with Alges is amazing because this may be my last season playing basketball.

On a personal level: Pat Summitt influenced me so much as a kid. Her heart, courage and generosity continues to influence so many people.
Who are you: I’m just an introverted family person.
What do you do when you are not playing: I enjoy reading and learning new things. I hope to make it to the beach more when it stop raining so much.
How was your youth: My mom and dad served in the U.S Air Force for 20+ years. I grew up in a small diverse military town in south Georgia. My parents instilled the values of hard work, discipline, but most importantly respect for all. For fun, my siblings and I mostly played outside all day with the other kids in the neighborhood.
How do you imagine in old age: I would love to move back to my home town in Valdosta, Georgia. Have my own land, grow my own food and simply enjoy life.
A dream: If all people could have  food, water, clothing, shelter and happiness.
The perfect meal: Sushi
Dream trip: Athens, Greece
A thought: Don’t be a sheep, wake up, be yourself.
An idol: All glory to God


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